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Alerts Pandora FMS (Windows) integration with Slack
Hi Guys,

I have a pandora fms Server 7.0 environment installed on Windows Server, and  i want integrate the alerts with slack, the following link explains the procedure.

However, i have a problem with the script to configurate in the alerts command sections, in the example is:

root/ "_field1_"

But my Pandora server is installed on windows, i created a new versión of the script for batch: slack.bat 

curl -k -X POST -H "Content-type: application/json" --data "{\"username\": \"pandorafmsbot\", \"text\": \"%~1\", \"icon_url\": \"\"}"
echo %date% %time% >> C:\Windows\Temp\slacklog.txt

The script works from tests by command line, but it does not work in Pandora FMS ( new alert from command sections) with the following configurations :

slack.bat "_field1_"


cmd.exe slack.bat "_field1_"


cmd.exe /c slack.bat "_field1_"


C:\Program Files\PandoraFMS\Pandora_Server\bin\slack.bat

And none of the option works, do you have any idea what may be missing?. I am monitoring the execution of the .bat script from the server and I know that it is not invoked from Pandora.

Note: Put the script slack.bat in the folder "C:\Program Files\PandoraFMS\Pandora_Server\bin", this path is part of the windows environment variable $PATH


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