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Using WMIC
Hi sorry that i've taken so long to get back to you guys, we been doing something different lately. We are changing the config file to just send to the pandora server instead of having it request and then send back to pandora. This seems to be working great except something are well lets just say not playing nice. I am using in the config file

module_name C_AvgQuequeLength
module_description This is the avgqueue length for the disk
module_type generic_data
module_perfcounter \LogicalDisk(CSmile\Avg. Disk Queue Length
module_interval 1
module_post_process 1/10

The one thing that does not seem to be working is the module_post_process, me and another co-worker(my manager) have been trying multiple ways of doing this to no avail i've tried module_postprocess .00001 like it says you should do in the documentation but it still seems to not be multiplying by it if anyone has any hint on what i'm doing wrong or what could be implemented to make it work let me know thanks.
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