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URL Monitoring
I'm hoping this is something that's so simple I'm overlooking it.

I'm trying to convince my organization to switch to monitoring with PandoraFMS.  I'm a beginning user with it, and have it configured, and monitoring hardware as well as we could hope.  I know there's a lot of untapped power in it, but that will hopefully come in the future.

My big hang up now is that I need to monitor approximately 50 websites, just to make sure they're responding.  It doesn't need to perform logins, searches, etc (like can be done with enterprise apparently), just go to a URL, and make sure it's there, and that it responds.

I don't know where to start though.  I imagine something could be done with wget from the server itself (running linux), but I'm not sure where to start with a module to check a URL, and perhaps report back the latency? 

Any help would be very appreciated
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