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Realtime updates
(07-09-2013, 03:31 AM)gmonk63 link Wrote: I know it would take a complete rewrite but is there any plans to make pandora console more realtime ? without the constant refresh which always seems to cause issues when your trying to navigate the menus but have the rate set to soon...

No way to do it with a rate of 50,000 modules ~ 2000 agents, which is the current "top" limit. In the enterprise network map (also called Network Console) is implemented (with AJAX and async calls), and it's a database killer (you need a powerful system to use it).

Probably we can do the trick in the future for the visual console, but don't expect to do it on the tactical or group view Smile)
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Realtime updates - by gmonk63 - 07-09-2013, 03:31 AM
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