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Tentacle not starting on reboot
This issue is by design on Centos 6.x. The tentacle server is started using sudo. On Centos requiretty is active by default which requires a tty to sudo to another user. Therefore you can start the tentacle server using the init script while you are loged on but it fails at boot time.

A workaround is to disable requiretty for the tentacle binary. Open /etc/sudoers in your favorite editor and add the following line:
[tt]Defaults!/usr/bin/tentacle_server !requiretty[/tt]

This will make sure the tentacle server is starting at boot time.

Imho the tentacle server could be improved in many ways. One would be to impersonate as user pandora from within the script instead of using sudo. Introducing debugging using syslog and an easy pid handling (define in the init script) would be good to. Furthermore adding ReusePort => 1 to the options while binding the socket would avoid the error message "Cannot open socket for address on port 41121" in case you have IPv6 and IPv4 active.

For the developers in tentacle_server line 522 (sub start_server) change
- ReuseAddr => 1,
+ ReuseAddr => 1,
+ ReusePort => 1


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