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Module Status Pie Chart Using Incorrect Colors
The module pie chart located at the top of the agent detail page is using the incorrect colors for the sections associated with the module status (e.g. Normal, Warning, Critical, Unknown). I am seeing the Normal portion of the pie chart is yellow instead of green, warning is red instead of yellow, and critical is green instead of red.

I have attached several example screen shots of this behavior. Please note that the file names for the attachments indicated the module count and status for each agent in the screen shot.

This issue started with either the 5.1 SP1 upgrade or earlier. Prior to that the pie chart consistently displayed the colors as normal=green, warning=yellow, critical=red, and unknown=grey.

I have upgraded to 5.1 SP2 and still see this behavior consistently. Please advise if this defect or a setting that may be incorrect.

Attached Files

.jpg   Example - All Modules Normal.jpg (Size: 75.75 KB / Downloads: 77)
.jpg   Example - 4 Unknown and 1 Critical.jpg (Size: 46.48 KB / Downloads: 76)
.jpg   Example - 9 Normal and 1 Warning.jpg (Size: 46.79 KB / Downloads: 96)

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