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Pandora_Agent won't transfer files through FTP

I'm using Pandora FMS for about a year now and I've always made use of FTP for the XML transfer between the agents and the server.

It all worked flawlessly and it is still working today. But recently I was adding these new agents just like I always did but they are unable to transfer the XML properly.

Troubleshooting this case, I was able to see that the FTP is called using the following command:

sh -c ftp -n 21 2>&1 >/dev/null <<FEOF1 ???quote USER foo ???quote PASS somepass ???lcd "/tmp" ???cd "/var/spool/pandora/data_in" ???quit ???FEOF1

This corresponds to the lines 800-807 of the /usr/bin/pandora_agent script. Inside of the send_file function. When I try to run the FTP through the command line, performing the same steps that the command above does, I'm able to transfer files with no problem. But the agent itself is unable to do so.

All the other servers are set the same. Only these 'new ones' are unable to transfer.

The faulty agents have the following packages installed:
perl                            5.18.2-2ubuntu1
pandorafms-agent-unix            6.0 (also tested 5.1SP2 and 5.1SP3 with same results)
bash                            4.3-7ubuntu1.5
ftp                              0.17-28

The good agents have the following packages installed:
perl                            5.14.2-6ubuntu2.4
pandorafms-agent-unix            5.1SP2
bash                            4.2-2ubuntu2.5
ftp                              0.17-25

I do understand that the version differs in some cases, but I still can't identify where exactly the problem is. Since I'm able to transfer via FTP when running the command directly, I think that the problem isn't there, but that's a guess. Could you please help me out?
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