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Ping funcionalities with non-privileged user
I'm Running PandoraFMS with a non-privileged User called pandora. I know that the ICMP features don't work without pivilégios root, then the Host Alive module didn't work. I changed the file /usr/local/bin/pandora_network at line 336 and 365 and changed the type of ping used, library Net::Ping, from "icmp" to "tcp":

$ p = Net:: Ping-> new ( "tcp", $ l_timeout, 32);

Thus, the Host Alive module works now, but not for all agents. For Publics IPs (type 200.X.X.X) the module works fine, but when I use a private IP (like 192.168.xx) the module doesn't work. I don't know why.

With the kind of ping changed to "tcp" (Library Net:: Ping) module Host Latency does not work, too. Why PandoraFMS uses "icmp" option?

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Ping funcionalities with non-privileged user - by Salim - 09-25-2009, 04:08 PM

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