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Massively assign alerts to agent module
(01-24-2019, 02:42 PM)sandman42 Wrote: Hi,

I've set up Pandora and defined all agents.
For a single agent I have added an alert with a "Host alive" module, action "send email to me" and template "Critical condition" and it works perfectly: when the remote goes down, I receive a mail.

My question is: since I have say 50 different device to monitor, how can I do this task for all of them without doing one by one? I.e.: I would like to ping all of them and when one goes down I'd need an email.
How can I do that?


Good morning sandman42,

You can use the Bulk Operations to do what you need.

1- You must copy the module "host alive" in all the agents you need with the "Copy modules in bulk".
1- Go to "Add alerts in bulk" and choose all the agents, show common modules and add the alert you need.

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