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Pandora thinks all the servers are stopped
(03-12-2019, 09:45 AM)mike_moyse Wrote: I keep getting alerts that say the Data, Network, Discovery & Plugin servers are not running. On clicking on the the alert I'm taken to a screen titled "Pandora FMS servers". If I edit any of the servers the IP address field is empty and having tried a variety of IPs from local to public I still get the alert. I have no clue what should go in there to make these work.

Oddly, even though the Plugin Server is deemed to be in a state of complete failure, it's processing Plugins just fine??????

I've tried searching the documentation for this but failed :-(

Greetings, mike_moyse

Can you tell us, please, which version of Pandora FMS are you running? 

In the meantime, please do try to restart "pandora_server" to apply any change you might have made. 


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