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Problems creating db, schema and populating data
(04-01-2019, 07:39 PM)dmcclain Wrote: Ok, where do I go from here??  I've tried the multiple fixes reported in communities including mysql= "" and no engine substitution.  There is no usable information in any of the logs that tells me what the failures were incurred.  What next for troubleshooting and getting this running?

Pandora 733
PHP 7.2

Install step 5 of 6

Connection with Database

Creating database 'pandora'
There were some problems. Installation was not completed.
Please correct failures before trying again. All database schemes created in this step have been dropped.

Pandora FMS is an Open Source Software project registered at SourceForge

Greetings, dmcclain

Have you been able to take a screenshot of the command my partner asked you for? It would be extremely useful to identify the problem you have. 

On the other hand, Pandora FMS is currently running and tested under MySQL v 5.7.19 so newer versions might have compatibility problems. 

Kind regards, 


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