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All newly added agent's modules will not initialize
I had the same problem, and when I updated Pandora new modules initialized fine.
But from then I have new big problem: no data is registering in database. When I click 'graph' in agent view i have information 'No available data to show'. I can't see historical data.
In server's log I have several lines e.g.:
Argument "" isn't numeric in numeric lt (<) at /<C:\PandoraFMS\Pandora_Server\pandora_server.exe>PandoraFMS/ line 1667.
Argument "" isn't numeric in subtraction (-) at /<C:\PandoraFMS\Pandora_Server\pandora_server.exe>PandoraFMS/ line 4258.

I use pandorafms server 7.0NG.743, Windows2012
Can you help me?

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