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All newly added agent's modules will not initialize
(03-02-2020, 04:07 PM)Diego.M Wrote: Hello,

We have been investigating if it could be a bug of the windows version, and we have verified after replicating it point by point that there is not any bug, at the moment in the machine that we have mounted in our offices the graphs are seen correctly.

As you can see, the problem is not the generation of graphics (as I thought at the beginning) but the problem is the data of the modules that you have configured for the graphics. Let's do the following test, in the pandora_server.conf file change the verbosity option to 10. This will make that in the log it will be generated much more detailed data, so we could find the error in the exact place where it happens. Leave the server with this change during some minutes and send us the Pandora log of the last minutes.

Check also the module and how long it takes without reporting data, if this module is not working properly neither will its graphics.

For testing, I installed a completely new version of Pandora FMS Pandora FMS v7.0NG.743 - Build PC200129 - MR 35 on fresh Windows 2019 Server. I didn't change anything in the configuration, I used the default settings and modules (I only set 'verbosity' to 10). Pandora's behavior is identical to that of the production server. 

As requested, I attach logs.

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