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All newly added agent's modules will not initialize

We have continued checking this problem and we have found something, we do not know why it seems that with the last version of Pandora the windows installations do not keep correctly the timestamp of the data provided by the server agent (it keeps them as timestamp 0). This causes that in the data history of the module it is not shown any data and that the graphs do not have any data either.

So we could check (I would like you to check this) if you create another different agent and configure the modules manually, these ones work and keep the timestamp correctly. The bug has been reported and I hope that for version 745 is fixed, in the time left until then you can create another agent and configure the modules you think necessary manually to not have problems until the bug is solved

Thanks for your patience and I hope that with this temporary solution I give you can enjoy Pandora FMS until this bug is solved.


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