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SNMP Modules - defining values for Warning and Critical
Thanks Ivo,
I am familiar with how to setup alerts, I am just confused about how to check for these values. At this point, all of our checks are 0 or 1, and are easy to setup. Basically, I do not understand how to check for specific values .... also, I don't know if this would be a single module or if it would require multiple.

For example, a server having 5 hard disks, in the array, would usually have 4 active members and one hot-spare. All active disks will return a value of 3 when normal but could also have any of the following values returned, depending on state:

0: Unknown
1: Ready -Available for use , but no RAID configuration has been assigned.
2: Failed - Not operational.
3: Online - Operational. RAID configuration has been assigned. (as mentioned above)
4: Offline - The drive is not available to the RAID controller.
6: Degraded - Refers to a fault-tolerant array/virtual disk that has a failed disk.
7: Recovering - Refers to state of recovering from bad blocks on disks.
11: Removed - Indicates that array disk has been removed.
15: Resynching - Indicates one of the following types of disk operations: Transform Type , Reconfiguration , and Check Consistency.
24: Rebuild
25: No Media - CD-ROM or removable disk has no media.
26: Formatting - In the process of formatting.
28: Diagnostics - Diagnostics are running.
35: Initializing: Applies only to virtual disks on PERC , PERC 2/SC , and PERC 2/DC controllers.

Can you help me understand how I can check if a known active drive returns anything other than 3? That would help me tremendously, as I could adapt that to check when a hot-spare is also brought online when it's value changes from 1. However, that would still leave me trying to figure out how to check if any of these drives return a value of 2 -- meaning they failed.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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