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Pandora FMS - Windows version - update manager do nothing
(11-13-2017, 10:57 AM)vic Wrote: Hi Uschi,

In all directories there are 2 folders by default.
"."  --> Refers to the current directory.
".." --> Refers to the parent directory.

Y reccomend you reinstall the Pandora Console to the latest version  to repair the files that are damaged.

Save the */pandora_console/include/config.php in a secure place and put it in the same folder after of installation.

Best regards,


Hallo Vic,

it is not true. Please download (in Windows OS) last_package.tgz. Inside is last_package.tar and he have 2 folders inside. See my attachment.

Inside dot name folder is second folder - PaxHeaders.23061 and here is file pandora_console.

File content is:
30 mtime=1509974060.053224441
30 atime=1509974058.781153734
30 ctime=1509974060.053224441

I tried this:

- delete *.* in folder C:\PandoraFMS\htdocs\pandora_console\attachment\downloads
- launch update manager online

The result is this:

- last_package.tgz was downloaded
- update manager extract folder pandora_console (in folder C:\PandoraFMS\htdocs\pandora_console\attachment\downloads)
- last_package.tgz was deleted by download manager
- and Error in package extraction 

I have installed latest Pandora FMS - 714. But this problem ocured in earliest versions too. 

Im not sure if clean install solve this problem...


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