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Relay Server
(07-19-2013, 08:36 PM)starkiller link Wrote: Ok, well and onsite relay server is this.
You have a consulting company(A) and you want to monitor some of your clients(B,C,D) systems.
So you have a server at site A that monitors your systems and you want to be able to monitor site B,C,D's systems. each of those sites might use the same IP range as you do internally. So you need a server at site B,C,D that will relay monitoring and update information to a sort of collector at Site A, so you can monitor all your clients systems internally, and site A monitors the external IP's of Site B,C,D's internet connection, or internet facing devices as well(in case internal network is down)

Take a look on the "export server" feature:

The full doc here:

It's an enterprise feature.

Another way to implement it is do put the incoming XML files in a temp dir, copy to the 2ndº server and the real incoming directory. That will work with agent data, but don't with network/remote checks.

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