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Pandora FMS 3.0 released !
Hi everybody !

[Image: logo_pandora_open_navidad_mini.png]

Pandora FMS v3.0 has been released. This is a major upgrade from 2.0
version and includes a lot of new features and a surprising performance
boost. This version is a final version, with months of depth testing, after two public RC versions (RC1 and RC2).

This includes a new installation CD (Software appliance based on
OpenSUSE11), an vmware/VirtualBox image, RPM packages, DEB packages and of course, source tarballs, a Windows Installer (including a new silent installer mode), and the 320 page user manual in PDF (English & Spanish version).

More information about this release at our website at

To get downloads go directly to:
Great job guys!

I'm very excited about this new version! As I have a production environment I need to upgrade from 2.1 version. Any information about that?

Hi daniels,

In the (just updated) wiki documentation ( ) in the Annex, there is an article about the Upgrade process.

This is the direct link to the upgrade section:
Thank you.

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