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Pandora FMS 3.1 (final) released
Pandora FMS v3.1 final version has been released. This is a major upgrade from 3.0 version and includes a lot of new features. This version has several months of testing done.

This version comes with packages for SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, a CD appliance installer an a VMWare Image and a full detailed (+400pages) administrator guide in PDF (English and Spanish).
To get downloads go directly to Sourceforge, at

To read more about the new features in Pandora FMS 3.1, please go to "What's new" section in our Online documentation, at
I am currently using the older version of Pandora. I ask my friend about the new version and he refer me to this thread. Many interesting features I look up and I need to upgrade my older version of Pandora.
Hi Sancho,

which distro have you use to build a vmware image of Pandora 3.1 ?

Thanks in advance !


OpenSuse 11.1

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