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I only seem to have 45 days of data in all my graphs ?

I just noticed that I only have 45 days of data in all my graphs, even though I've been running the server for over 6 months ?

Is this a limitation of the community version ?
Is there a setting somewhere that deletes data after a certain time ?



Ok, I've found in the settings, I have "Max. days before purge" set to 45
Is this the default ? I don't remember changing it.
Does this mean all data older than 45 days is deleted ?!

If I want to keep 5 years of data, I assume I set this to 1825 ?

Is there anything else I should change from default if I want to see more history in my data ?

If 45 days is the default setting, perhaps this should be made more apparent to users when they install pandora ?
Maybe make it a question on the install pages ?
Or perhaps it is and I missed it, which maybe means it should be made more obvious ?
45 days is very short default for a systems monitoring application. Maybe a year is a good default ?
I've lost all this years trend data now :-(




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Hello Jon,

I'm afraid you are rigth, all the data that have more than 45 days is deleted, this can be solved by installing an historic database ( One of the adventages of the enterprise version ). Another way is by setting the "Max. days before purge" with a longer amount of days, but I do not recommend this option, more than 45 days will slow your server noticeably, thats the reason for the short amount of time on the default value.

Best regards

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