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Cascade Monitoring
Hi all,

Currently we have around 50 VM's split across 4 physical hypervisors, all of which have the Pandora agent installed. 

When one of the hosts goes offline (e.g, for maintenance) alarms are triggered for each VM that is on the respective host.

I am trying to set up cascade monitoring as per the following wiki article:

However I am confused, as the documentation doesn't seem to be updated for the version we are running (Pandora FMS v7.0NG.735 - Build 181126 - MR 28).

If I go and edit one of the agents, I cannot see the Cascade Protection options, and cannot select a module from the drop down (The host does have multiple modules and alerts installed)
[Image: Untitled.png]

Any help would be appreciated
Hello CyclopsElectronic,

The cascade protection is only available for the Enterprise Edition of PandoraFMS. I suggest you to get the Enterprise liscence of PandoraFMS for your environment.

Best regards

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