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Inventory, Web, Enterprise ICMP & SNMP not started error
How to start those 4 servers manually? All other servers started normally except those 4. 
Prior to upgrade to 739, all servers had no problem starting properly. 
Already checked pandora_server.conf and all servers are set to 1 Enabled. 

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.png   PandoraFMSConsole4serversnotstart.PNG (Size: 120.74 KB / Downloads: 2)
Hello Stephen Hui,

Those servers are exclusive of the enterprise version of PandoraFMS. If you have an open version of PandoraFMS they will never go up or work. Please consider joining the Enterprise version of PandoraFMS,

To errase those servers, change the value to 0 on the correspondent lines of the servers you mentioned.

Best regards

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