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Importing large set of agents, how?

we are migrating from an older version of Pandora to the latest community version. Unfortunately it looks like we cannot migrate the agents, so we need to populate the new database from scratch. Since doing it manually is a lot of work (and it also doesn't help that a co-worker seems to have cleared the Docker container as I was at 75% of entering them...), we want to import them.

I have a list in Excell containing all IP addresses and Descriptions of hosts we want to monitor. Since our network is quite structured, I can also generate the upstream routers for the hosts. So essentially I have all info needed to add agents to Pandora. But I could not find a description of the databases involved, so writing the necessary SQL statements is impossible. 

- what databases are involved? And which fields hold the IP address and Description?
- Which field is the primary key and what requirements are there for the key? If integer, should it be consecutive or can I use any number as long as it is unique?
- How do I link to the upstream routers?
- Anything I need to do to a fresh Pandora install to make this possible?

I appreciate any pointers I can get. I don't mind reading whitepapers and so on. Done something like this before, but not for Pandora.

Thanks for your help!

Greetings Elsinga,

In order to recommend you how to migrate PandoraFMS I would need to know which version you are currently in. However, I can give you some advice or ways to do it.

The easiest thing for you, so you tell me, would be to use an exclusive tool of the Enterprise version, which is to be able to import data from a .csv file (excel).

Another way would be to create a complete backup of the database, and then import it into the new Pandora. Unfortunately this is complicated if you are in version 6 of PandoraFMS, because the database underwent big changes, to solve this you must use the file located (in linux systems) in: "/var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/pandoradb_migrate_6.0_to_7.0.mysql.sql". This file will leave the database ready to be used by a pandora 7.

The "old" version is running Pandora FMS v7.0NG.718 - Build 190819 - MR 3. This is the open source version, which is no longer supported and which created problems (all kind of SQL queries giving errors on the dashboard) when we updated it from inside Pandora. So we want to switch to the "new" version, which is the running Pandora FMS v6.0SP8 - Build PC190421, the "latest" Docker container (there is no package 742 Docker container, so it seems...).

So we are downgrading on the version, but hope to get a stabler release path.

Thanks for the help so far!
Greetings Elsinga,

First of all I would need to know what has been the path of your Pandora server, because what you tell me could have been at some point in a version 6 of PandoraFMS.

That said, if you want to install directly the version of PandoraFMS console you want, the database that currently works with version 7 should be compatible with version 6, so with an installation by packages or through .oum you should be able to do the downgrade you said.

Now, I do not recommend this at all, although theoretically it could work, we have never done it and we do not know how it can behave. Instead I recommend, instead of doing a downgrade, upgrade to the latest version. Because of the version you told me that these have not been updated correctly, and this is probably why you are having so many SQL problems. The console version (718) doesn't match the MR (3) you should have MR (14 - 15 I don't remember the exact version).

In summary, let me know if your server ever worked in version 6 of pandora, in which case you should pass the "/var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/pandoradb_migrate_6.0_to_7.0.mysql.sql", and independently of this you will have to update pandora to the last version (by means of the update manager online for example) and after this to pass all the MR, from 1 to 34. Once you have the console in the version 742 MR 34, I can assure you that you will not have any problem of SQL.

I leave you here the link to the documentation that involves the updates.

Updated the new server to Pandora FMS v7.0NG.742 - Build PC191219 - MR 34. We will also try your suggestions above, thanks!
Okay, by reverse engineering an export of the database and some Excel hacking I can now import a large set of agents. :)

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