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Time Zone Changes Improperly
I spun up the PandoraFMS appliance (OVF) for VMware. Deployed great. Out of the box though, I can't use Firefox to navigate the GUI. I can log in, but anything I click on takes me back to login page. Reading some VERY old threads, I saw that this is a timezone issue on the server. I changed the timezone on the server using timedatectl set-timezone to my correct zone, but the time was still off by 2 hours. Once I MANUALLY changed the time to correct time, it works in Firefox properly now. I had to have the combination of correct zone AND current time to match my client system.

I am currently GMT -6 which is 12:07PM at time of this writing. My server was reporting 10:07AM on the correct timezone. Maybe this will help some newbie out.

Note: this issue was only observed in Firefox/Opera, not in Chrome.
Hi! Check this quick tutorial for Time zones:

Have a nice day!
I found this article useful, my instance was set to Europe/London but was still one hour out, possibly due to daylight time saving. I found the following article useful and my server is now synchronised correctly:

Kind Regards


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