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Newbie: HOWTO for alerting on agent group needed
Hello together,

my name is Jörg and I'm writing from germany.

I have set up a Pandora FMS server and I'm playing with the powerful agent configuration possibilities which covers all of our actual requirements.

Now I want to set up the alert environment, so that an email is generated for every agent present in the system whenever a module enters or leaves a critical status.

What I already have done:
- configured the email system
- set up a template "Critical Alert"
- set up an action Alert Mail
- configured an alarm for one agent, one module. Emails are sent when status changes.

Now I want to know, what must have to be done to enable it globally for all present agents and modules. I read through the manuals, but I think I overlook something.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Kind regards

If you access in your console to Configuration > Bulk operations > Alert operations you will see that you can add alerts in a massive way to your agents' modules.

Hello Diego,

thanks for your reply. I get from your answer, that I can add alerts to all client members of a group.
Is there a possibility to automate this in that way, that an alarm is added to a module as soon as a client enters an agent group?


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