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Centos Appliance - Bootloader Not Installed
Hello all,

I am brand new to Pandora and using the Centos appliance installation. My installation craps out at the time the bootloader is installed. I have tried new USB sticks, as I thought this was a stick problem, but to no avail. Has anyone seen this error on installation?

Well after some testing and some research it looks like UEFI was causing the issue. Once I turned off UEFI in the BIOS I was able to complete the install.

A few more interesting things have come out of this install that I wanted to share. I am using an older Intel NUC gen 5 for this server. It has onboard WLAN and audio. It seems the Centos install does not have codecs to support it, so it throws up alot of errors upon the first boot. Disabling both did the trick.

I am curious if anyone else has run into this?

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