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WMI Module to determine free disk space
Am using Pandora FMS v6.0SP3 that I installed from Amazon AWS marketplace.

I'm using WMI module to get the free disk space for a particular drive D.
So I can see in the module the WMI query is
SELECT Freespace FROM Win32_LogicalDisk WHERE DeviceID ='D:'
At present it returns a value of 19112882176 which is in bytes which translates to 17.8GB
I want to set up a warning threshold so that if the disk space goes below 5GB that a warning event will be fired.
So in the 'Warning status' for the module I entered the following:

Inverse Internal is ticked

as reading from the documentation would indicate that if inverse interval is ticked, then if disk space goes below 5368709120 bytes then warning event should be triggered.
However I'm finding that a warning event is being trigged continuously even though free space is returning continuous values of around 19112882176

Have I mis-understood how to configure this.
Any help would be appreciated.
I think I figured this out myself so no need to reply.

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