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"Help please" _modulegraph_ does not work on email alerts.
Hello , I am trying to fill the email alerts with the module graph with the parameter _modulegraph_24_ like this:
[Image: Capturaalertapandora.png]

And when the email arrives, no image is displayed.
When checking the connection with the api everything is fine

"OK, v7.0NG.720, PC180315"
SO:  v7.0NG.720 en un Debian GNU/Linux 9.12 (stretch(.
In the log nothing is seen, the vmic I understand that it is for windows and netflow to capture network traffic:
[Image: Captura-LOG.png]
[Image: 8rW635s]
In log .error the same:
[Image: qrwRB4t]
[Image: Capturalogerror.png]

If someone can help me please, I am investigating and I cannot find anything.
Regards, and thank you very much.

As I see you are working with Pandora FMS 720 version, it is possible that this is a bug already solved, so the first thing we recommend you is to update Pandora FMS to the last version, the 745. Take into account that you should update the server, console and MR probably, I leave below the link to the wiki where you can see how to do these steps.


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