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Advice on configuring alerts after 3 consecutive events.
I monitor my IoT devices with Pandora, which run an open source firmware (Tasmota). They are slightly unreliable on WiFi. I'm still digging, but I think they are either not responding to ping requests quick enough or the WiFi code is a bit flaky.
They always seem to come back. They often miss a ping, or just vanish for a few minutes.
Pandora currently sends me alerts every time there's a problem. I want to configure Pandora to only send an email after 3 consecutive critical events or 15 minutes of downtime. Three consecutive events, or 15 minutes, would mean the device is definitely down and need attention, whereas missing a single ping, then recovering 2 mins later doesn't need my attention.
I can see three ways of achieving this;
  • In the Alert Actions, I can create a copy of "Mail to Admin" but with time threshold of 15 minutes.
  • In the Alert Templates, I can create a copy of "Critical" but with a time threshold of 15 minutes.
  • In the Alert Templates, I can create a copy of "Critical" but with a minimum number of alerts of 3.
Which one should I use to achieve the desired effect ? Or are they all completely identical ?



Let's see, if you want the alert to jump when you send 3 consecutive critical states, modifying the minimum alert to 3 is the perfect solution. To make it jump depending on the time elapsed, since you want 15 minutes, you can configure an alert for when the module goes to the unknown state, which the modules acquire when 3 times its execution time passes without receiving an answer. With this you should fulfill the two conditions that you propose.

Greetings, Diego.

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