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BAD XML file Agent
Good Morning,
We have Pandora FMS v2.0 for monitoring Windows Servers. The pandora server is a Ubuntu 8.04. Sometimes, 1 time per hour, we find that in /var/spool/pandora/data_in appears (only for 1 windows servers) files with this type name agentname.numbers.data_BADXML and inside pandora conole - View Events appears -Unable to process XML data file (/var/spool/pandora/data_in)- that Pandora can not understand a bad XML.
The actions for resolving the problems were:
1.- Put in pandora_agent.conf this record pluginserver 1.
2.- Put in pandora_agent.conf this record encoding      ISO-8859-1.

Unfortunately, neither of both has worked.
What is the action I have done? Could you help me?
Thanks a lot.
Hi jcastillaandres,

Files with BADXML ending name means the server couldn't process properly the XML recived from an agent.

The main problem may be the file encoding, be sure the agent and the server share the same file encoding if not you must specify the encoding of the agent file. May be the encoding is utf8?

If you are sure the encoding is not the problem be sure you are using the lastest version of Pandora FMS because were fixed an error with XML parser.

Also you can ensure you have the lastest version of XML::Parser library for perl using CPAN.

$> perl -MCPAN -e shell

And type:  install XML::Simple in CPAN prompt

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