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Pandora FMS 3.1.1 Released

We are very pleased to announce a new release of Pandora FMS.

Pandora FMS 3.1.1 is the latest version of stable release of our monitoring solution. You probably are using 3.1 and this is the latest paches, fixes and small features "pack" for 3.1 version, without any "hard" upgrade mechanism. It's just install/upgrade the packages in your system and run a "recoding" script for current data.

This version is called 3.1.1 because contains several fixes, including several security issues concerning the Web Console, which was vulnerable to some SQL injection attacks. This is not a "risky" vulnerability because needs access to the console, and to have credentials and depth knowledgue, but we've developed a radical solution to avoid this kind the problems in the present and in the future, that's the reason we have been deployed a new "stable" sub-version (3.1.1).

This includes also some "minor" fixes/improvements  on the server and in the console, and it's recommended to apply over your running systems.

Check more information about the update process in our online documentation:

You can also download the opensource packages from here:


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