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Pandora FMS 3.2 RC1 released !
Pandora FMS v3.2 RC1 has been released. Being a release candidate it
still requires additional community testing, but all the new features
are already here:

* A new web console for mobile phones.

* Support for group hierarchy.

* More powerful software agents (cron modules, conditional execution
modules, module value propagation...)

* Vastly improved massive operations and command line interface.

* Sound alerts in the web console.

* Custom charts from SQL queries in reports.

* IPv6 support for ICMP and SNMP modules.

And even some more for Pandora FMS Enterprise users:

* Synchronisation of file collections with software agents.

* Support for complex scripts in PDF reports (Japanese, Arabic,

* Graph baseline on any module.

* Improved interface for policy management.

* New network maps with group and policy views and the ability to save

There are packages for SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, a CD installer and
a VMWare Image. And as always, the full detailed (+400 pages) PDF
administrator's guide available in English, Spanish and now in Japanese.

Download Pandora FMS v3.2RC1 from Sourceforge now!

You can see the full change log here:

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