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Hello everyone ,
I have a doubt .
I configured in a way that pandora send a notification whenever keepalive goes down. However, I get only the first alarm. How can I fix so that the system sends alarms to the time when the agent is back on?
Hi senjor,

Enable alert recovery if you want to be notified when the host is up again:
This means that there is no way to put a repetitive alarm?
There is. Just set the 'Max number of alerts' to the desired maximum number of alerts for the configured interval (Administration->Manage alerts->Templates, Step 2) :-)
I set it to 1 day 100 alarms, but does not work. The system triggers an alarm and when it becomes "out of limits" is not taking more alarms.
My bad, sorry for the confusion. I forgot we were talking about a keepalive module. These modules are a bit special, once a keepalive module has received no data for twice the agent interval it it set to 0 from the main loop of the server and stays that way until it starts receiving data again, so the alert is just checked once.

To sum it up, the alert will not fire more than once. Hope that makes things clear :-)
I was hoping there was a work around .... thanks anyway!
Hi Senjor.

  You can configure the alert to trigger "on change". Just set the "Condition Type" to "On Change" in step 1 of alert template.

Manage alerts -> Template -> Step 1 -> Condition Type -> On Change

  I think this will work for you.

I do not know why, but it does not work .

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