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Status not changing for certain modules
(01-07-2011, 02:53 PM)opike link Wrote: Ok, I understand that now.

But even if the value is the same, if it is below the warning or critical minimum threshold, the status should change.

You're right, this could be a big confussion. I'm created a bug in our tracker about this issue:

Thanks for your time !
It's not just that the status doesn't change when the value is constant.... even when the value changes the status still doesn't change.

I can give you access to my console over the internet if you want to take a look at it yourself.

Let me know and I can email you the connection settings.
Hi opike,

You said that the tcp check module returns 0, right?
Looking at your screenshots I would say that If the received data from the module (0 in your case) is not within its warning & critical levels, the module status won't ever change.

Besides, I've checked another situation:
If you change the module's warning & critical levels, and the data sent is within those levels, it will change the module status in the next agent contact.

Hope this will be helpful for you

This is now working as expected, thanks.

I apologize if I wasted anyone's time but I was anxious to get this up and running because I feel like pandora is going to be extremely useful for us and make the task of administering out network much easier.
Hi again opike,

Don't worry about it, we'll try to help you as much as we can.
It's great you manage to get it working.


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