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Confused Where To Add Module Code
Hi all,

I have setup PandoraFMS and it is running very well for a good week now. I have looked through lots of documentation, but I still cannot understand how to install or setup a new module in the PandoraFMS console. For example, module code between module_begin and module_end

I want t add a new module for Stock with:
module_name Google_Stock
module_type generic_data
module_description Stock value of Google (GOOG) in Nasdac
module_exec echo -e "GET HTTP/1.0\n\n" | nc -w 10 80 | tail -1 | cut -f 2 -d ","

I am under the impression that we need to make a .pspz out of a new made text file containing the module code and upload it through the console this way, but I am probably mistaken.

This is pretty much where I am stuck at with PandoraFMS. Everything else is working great and I am monitoring all my servers and workstations. Thanks in advance.

Hello Tux,

Pandora can monitor in two ways:

- By software agents, that have to be installed in the monitorized machine and it has a configuration file where you can setup all modules (module_begin/module_end)

- By agents that you create in pandora console. You can do several checks using network server, plugin server or wmi server for example.

In your case, you have to install a software agent in the machine and setup the configuration file (/etc/pandora/pandora_agent.conf) adding your new module. After this, restart pandora_agent.

On the other hand, you can make a plugin to do this check, and use it with a agent (remote) with a plugin server module.

Hi Luismi,

Thanks a lot for your explanation. I went ahead and configured my pandora_agent.conf with new modules in it, and then restarted the software agent. From the console, I cannot seem to locate the new module I added. When I go to 'manage modules' I cannot find the new modules. I tried to check the list of available modules to add to an available agent with no luck. Am I missing something here?
Hi Tux,

The new module isn't in manage modules.

Manage modules is where you have a "library" with yours modules, both local components and network components. It is useful for example when you have a policy with several agents (software agents) and you want to add a new module in all agent configuration files (like you have done with the new module). Then you can to add the module (in local component) to the policy, and automatically it update all agent configuration files (agents must have remote configuration enabled).

In your case, the new module will have been created in the agent with the same name that the machine where the update agent is running (in View agents -> Agent Detail).


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