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Pandora FMS 3.2.1 release.
This new 3.2.1 version is a minor update which fixes some bugs and add new minor features, the highlights are the two new agent for embeded systems and for Android devices.

In the following list describes all the new features of Pandora FMS 3.2.1:

* New embedded agents. Designed for industrial environment or situations where hardware resources are limited.

* New Android agent. It allows you to gather data such as: location, battery level and other parameters. It is available at Android Market.

* New SSH and VNC extensions to manage servers from the Pandora FMS console using java plugins for SSH and VNC. You do not need to leave Pandora FMS console to acces the PC you are monitoring.

* New offline support for Update Manager. Now Update Manager can update Pandora FMS without direct connection to Internet.

* New support for GIS Reverse geolocation. Now you can see the address where is the agent you are monitoring instead of the location coordinates which do not have any information.

* New auth system for SOA REST API. Now it is required a password or add the IP to the valid IP list to use Pandora FMS REST API.

* Several bugs fixed on ACL system. ACL system was check to ensure each type of user only acces to the data expected avoiding permissions problems.

* Several bugs fixed on Virsual Console usability. Improvements related to some sections, shortening text and doing pagination.

* Several minor bugs fixed in Unix/Linux agent packaging.

* Problems related to packaging such us permissions and others related with thread management.

* Fixed an error applying policies over agents with blanks in their modules names. This bug causes the matching between policy and agent modules was wrong.

* Fixed some errors related to visualization of agent groups. Due to these errors in some sections of Pandora FMS console the data from groups and subgroups is not displayed properly.

* Fixed some errors in Pandora FMS server related to policies and file collections. These errors caused the wrong application of policies and file collections.

* Some bugs related to CLI were fixed. Fixed some bugs which caused that the policy application through CLI went wrong.
* Fixed an error with Pandora FMS console over Suse Linux related to PHP functions. This error was related to some functions for regular expresions and appears in some Suse instalations.

Packages are now available on SF and in our website,
Hi Sancho,

great job !!!

When the CentOS/Red Hat 3.2.1 packets will be available ?

And an agent for iPhone ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Agree, looks excellent!

Bumping baxajaun's query - when will the RedHat/CentOS release be ready?

I'm about to deploy a new instance of Pandora FMS on a production CentOS server, but want to wait for the latest release before beginning.

Any update on the CentOS packages for 3.2.1? Site still shows "Try in a few hours!" I did not find them on SourceForge either.
Thanks in advance!!

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