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Plugin fails to initialise
Hi all, hope you can help.

I've created a plugin, created a plug-in server module for it, and assigned it to an agent, but it just won't work - it stays in the 'not initialised' state. I know the script that the plugin runs works, it works from the command line

I am using the VMWare image of Pandora v3.2 - i found a post on here that says to change plugin_server in pandora_server.conf to 1, which I have done, but it makes no difference.

Also, i don't have pandora_plugin in /etc/init.d/rc2.d is this normal?

Other monitors (the built-in) ones are working fine, including ones on the target machine (an IRIX 6.5 SGI box, not running any agent)
I figured it out. Here's steps to reproduce for other people.

First, the bet way to check pandora is actually running your plugin, is to make the path to it invalid in manage servers->setup plugins. Change the path to an invalid file name, and watch /var/spool/pandora/pandora_server.error - this will give an error every time Pandora attempts to run the plugin.

When you've confirmed it's attempting it, change the path back to good again, and the errors should stop. If it doesn't stop, then fix whatever the error log says.

One more note - all plugin modules (in 'manage modules->network components') should be configured as GENERIC STRING, even if the value returned is numeric. The min/max/warn/crit values will still work as php is typeless, but for some reason if you choose generic_numeric it doesn't work.

Finally, the tutorial completely skips the step where you have to configure a 'network component' for the plugin, it jumps straight from the manage plugins section, to adding a module to an agent, which didn't work for me, i had to create a 'network component' for it before I could add to an agent.
I have a similar problem, i dont know if its a bug, but ive done all the steps to make plugin server work (and works, i have other plugins working fine), but i have one that i have to add MANUAL everytime (doesnt work inside templates), im quite sure is something if IP, when i create a PLUGIN Server Module, its automatically add IP, i have to remove de IP and create the plugin.

Dont know why!

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