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No data found in the collection folder

I am really new to PandoraFMS. I intsalled Pandora Server in Debian and pandora agent in host Debian machine and also on windows7. Recon Server finds other machines on the network, and adds some default modules to it. But when i try to add any module it says "non initialized module". Went through many posts here,  couldn't find a solution. My collection folder in both windows and debain machine are always empty.

Please help me with this.

Thanking you in advance!!
Good morning!

It is ok if your collection folder is empty, since the file collection is a Pandora FMS Enterprise feature. Wink

First of all, check you have installed all the necessary dependencies for your Server and Console.

Also, it might be great if you could attach some screenshots or additional info regarding the modules you're trying to add.

If everything is correct, please check these tips in order:

1) Edit /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf and activate verbosity with level 10.

And again, restart the server.

Then check the logs once you try to create a module which doesn't initialize in /var/log/pandora_server.log and /var/log/pandora_server.error.

2) Check /var/spool/pandora/data_in in your server and look for any BADXML file.

If any, type this in your term:

xmllint <BADXML file path>

And search about the problem.

3) If all of the above are ok, edit your pandora_agent.conf and uncomment the "debug 1" line. Make sure the agents are aiming to the right IP and that the Tentacle port is open in your network configuration (41121 TCP).

Restart your pandora_agent.conf, then look in ../pandora_agent/temp/ for the XML data generated by the agent.

4) If you have found the XML data, stop your Pandora Server (/etc/init.d/pandora_server stop), comment the debug 1 line in your pandora_agent.conf and restart the agent.

Then, look for the XML data file in /var/spool/pandora/data_in.

If you don't find anything, it means there's a problem with the connectivity between agent and server. (Tentacle port closed, problem with Tentacle Client or Server...)

5) If you've arrived here and everything's ok, it must be:

a) A connectivity problem between Pandora Server and the DB.
b) A connectivity problem between Pandora Console and the DB.

6) Check if your /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf has the same "dbpass" field as the one contained in /../../pandora_console/include/config.php. If they are different, please verify which password is correct by writing in your term:

mysql -upandora -p
Enter password: <password>

Then copy the right one and paste it on the other one.

Make a /etc/init.d/pandora_server restart

Thank you for your help!!

One more question, when I click on the Pandora Servers under Operations, the load value for data, recon and network is 100%, while SNMP is always 0%. For windows agent, the default three modules work. But when i add any new modules, it always gives "non initialized module" error.

Thanking you in advance,
This is because data, recon and network are performing tasks, while the SNMP is not working (maybe there are no SNMP modules defined or there's a problem in the SNMP configuration)

About new modules in Windows, you might want to check this recent thread:

WMI problems

Besides, new modules in a Windows software agent have to be added in pandora_agent/pandora_agent.conf, with the right syntax, not from the Pandora Console.

For example:

module_name name
module_type type
module_exec command

As I said, activate debug 1 in the agent, save your conf file and restart it.

Then look for the XML data file in pandora_agent/temp and make sure the module you've added appears without XML errors.

Your error happens due to many reasons:

a) Maybe you're trying to process a string with a module type generic_data...
b) You are using ranges and the value extracted is out of range...

Thank you for all your help till now.
I am sucessfull in adding modules to windows agent.

Now, can you please help me with my SNMP server. It is still at 0%. What all i need to check to see whether the SNMP is installed and is working.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Long time no see... and you're welcome. Wink

To check if your SNMP server is installed in your Pandora Server, make sure it is activated in the Pandora Console, and check it has the snmptrapd service and all the dependencies installed.

Keep in mind the SNMP server only takes care of receiving and redirecting SNMP traps from other devices.

If you want to define remote SNMP modules (perform SNMP walks and get information from the SNMP OIDs in other devices) you should take a look at the Network server, not the SNMP server.

SNMP server load is usually at 0% because it only works when it receives or redirects SNMP traps.

Network server load is usually at 100% once you have one network server module working.


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