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Configure Agent to store data without sending it
If i try to access "C:\Programms\pandora\temp\" on Windows, or "\tmp" for Linux Systems,
where ususally the ".data" Files are stored, before they will be sendet to the Monitoring Server,
they are allways gone before i can copy them Sad
(I mean those paths which are defined with the temporal settings in the pandora_agent.conf)

How to configure the agent, just to make those files and not try to send them?
Just edit your pandora_agent.conf and uncomment this line:

# debug 1


debug 1

With the debug mode enabled, once you restart your agent, it will generate the XML data file without sending it to the server. Wink

TY helped me a lot,

i already thougt about just comment out the IP Information and all the stuff, but this is way easier Big Grin

just left the small problem: that after debugging, the agent stops himself, so i have to use cron to start it periodicly Sad

ty ty!

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