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Email configuration - pulling my hair out!!
I have now installed Pandora on a new Linux Ubuntu server.  From the command prompt, I can run the mail command and am able to send out emails - like this:

I installed Exim4 to get email working like this as a smarthost to GMAIL.

But, how do I configure Pandora to send out email on the same server it is installed on.
I have put the following in /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf :
    servername    serverxxx
    mta_port        25
    mta_address    serverxxx
    mta_user        [email protected]
    mta_pass        xxxxxx
    mta_auth        LOGIN
    mta_from        [email protected]
Any help would be appreciated.



Well I installed Postfix on my Ubuntu server.
It will send email and I can send test emails using netcat and Telnet.

But, Pandora will not send out emails.
So what does it take to get Pandora to work?

/var/log/pandora/pandora_server.log  states that it was send:

2011-08-26 18:34:02 [V1] [ERROR] Sending email to [email protected] with subject [PANDORA] Alert from agent CASPER-XP-VIRTB on module PrintSpooler

Any help is appreciated.



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