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WISH: Debian packages
Hi folks,

wouldn't it make sense to build a .deb-package?
I usually would do it by myself and provide it to the community, but currently I am really heavy overloaded with work. Confusedcared:

If needed we could provide "hosting" of this repository.



Yes, .deb packages and .rpm will be great.

We're wainting to somebody who help us, because we are too busy at this moment, but I think that final release of 1.2 version will have an RPM and DEB packages :-)
Quote:Yes, .deb packages and .rpm will be great.
I totally agree.
RPM packages for pandora_server and pandora_console are totally finished, if someone wants to test it, contact me :-)
Either RHEL or Fedora are available. Suse ones will come so soon (as soon as someone send me the "tree /usr/src/" output).
Also rpm for manpages is being develop ;-)

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