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adding a snmp device

I am new to Pandora FMS, and I have installed V4.0RC2 on Debian server.

BUT, I don't know where to start adding a snmp device (Cisco router) to be monitor.
Could somone please point me where "How to ..." instructions/Document? Thanks.


Hi Kevin,

A good how to manual is in the official documentation:



I got that info, unfortunately I am still confused how to manage Cisco device using snmp polls.

What I want are to have snmpget bulk(discover) interfaces and set polling interval. Maybe someone there is using this tool to monitor Cisco router device would like to share me step by step configuration.
Maybe this one can help:

SNMP checks with SNMP Explorer

However, if the problem you have is configuring SNMP in your device, tell me and we'll see what we can do.


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