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pregunta acerca del monitoreo de radios
pandora fms tiene la capacidad para monitorear radios alvarion????

Saludos de nuevo.

Hombre, depende de las características del dispositivo.

Ya te adelanto que por regla general, Pandora FMS puede monitorizar cualquier dispositivo que tenga SNMP.

Deberías comentarnos un poco las características de este dispositivo, protocolos de los que dispone, si es posible instalarle un agente software... etc
te voy a dar informacion del radio alvarion.
*bajado de la pagina oficial

• Powerful Access: Proven robust system enabling best-of-class service delivery, including long range and high-capacity service.
The Access Unit (AU) automatically selects algorithm for best possible service, rapid antenna alignment and SLA enforcement.
• Quality Connectivity: Optimized bandwidth allocation, including over-the-air and traffic prioritization, to best fit the needs of a
wide variety of applications such as data, voice and video streaming and to provide cost-effective quality connectivity.
• Flexibility: Subscriber units can be located exactly where required and transferred when necessary, since the system is free of
wired infrastructure restraints and ensures full tactical communications in every possible configuration.
• Quick Installation: Subscriber units can be easily deployed using the SNR alignment LED bar, enabling operators to minimize
OPEX and expedite deployment rate.
• Compelling Business Case: Helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX by supporting maximized efficiency and the need for less equipment
with scalable pay-as-you-grow support.
• Maximizes Modularity: Near/NLOS support, high bandwidth capacity, increased coverage, multi-subscriber profiles in same sector
and network.
• Reliability and Availability: Ruggedized, carrier-class outdoor solution operating over an extended temperature range.
• Security: Built-in encryption and a host of secure management and authentication functions.
• Complete Offering: Seamless integration with BreezeACCESS Wi2 for urban WiFi services.
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