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Add Windows agent to console?
Hello everyone,

How can I make a connection with the PandoraFMS console?

What I have done:
1. Install PandoraFMS
2. Install Windows Agent on Win7
3. Add Agent to the PandoraFMS console with same name as the Win 7 Hostname
4. Edit Windows Agent config file and changed the IP adres to that from the server.

What do I need to do more so that PandoraFMS has connection to it? (Firewall is off)


Normally it's enough to install the agent on the Windows 7 machine. During the installation you have to point to the IP-address of the Pandora console.
Maybe the Pandora service isn't running on your Windows 7 machine?

The services in Windows is started so that should not be the problem. When I added the agent to the console by Management it says that it hasn't got any contact with it.
The server is also on a different IP then the station.


Port 41121 has been forwarded to the server.

Am I missing something? I added the client config file in the hope that it may give more information about my problem.

Attached Files

.conf   pandora_agent.conf (Size: 7.2 KB / Downloads: 64)
hi jonathan,

check that tentacle process is running on the server side.

other thing you can do is put the agent in debug mode and check that the agent generate the correct xml file in temp directory

Thank you alumbreras for your reply.

The tentacle-serverd wasn't started, but is now and it works!

Thanks again for the help.

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