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Netwok Discovery Layer2
How would I go about discovering connected switches ??  Our current network consists of about 50 or so layer2 switches interconnected so its one big flat network.  Is there a way to dynamically map the connections using Pandora without having to manually add the parent links.

Maybe a Recont Task is what you are looking for
Here is the manual documentation

I hope this will be helpful for you.


Thanks Javi  but I have already implemented the recon script but it doesnt seem to dynamically add the parent links even with snmp enabled devices i have yet to see the parent links automatically assigned as described in the capabilities online
Hi gmonk63,

With which Pandora FMS version are you working?

I guess your recontask is detecting the machines connected into your network in which you are looking for, isn't it?

When managing your recontask, have you checked "Parent detection"?
Have you set the proper number for "Parent recursion"?

For now the opensource version.. I have a second demo server with just two layer2 switches connected  so the topology is  PandoraFMS > Switch1 > Switch2  The script is setup for the parent recursion is set to 5 and it will still not detect the parent connection between the two
Hi gmonk63,

I meant which Pandora FMS version, 3.2 or 4.0, are you using? you can check it at the bottom of the page.

For what you just said, I figure Pandora discovers your two switches but doesn't detect the parent relationship, does it?
Does Pandora at least detects your two switches?

Could you please send us a screenshot with your recontask configuration?
Sorry version 4.0  and your correct it does detect the switches but not the parent connection. I have tried both the network sweep and snmp recon tasks and nothing works.


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which nmap version do you use?
you can check it with 'nmap -v'

Currently using 5.21
Hi gmonk63,

Guessing you have one switch (let's call it Switch 1) connected to another switch (Switch 2) and then this one connected to your machine you are working on.

Could you please try to launch this command and post here the output?

nmap -nsP --traceroute <router_ip>
use the IP of the Switch 1.

You should get the hops (and their IPs) that the command needs to do before reaching Switch 1.

Then you can try to show us the topology you get in your Network Map (Operation > View Agents > Network Map).
If you don't have any map created, just press 'Add map' button, it should create a map with your topology.

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