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access permission
how do i allow access permission to users to view agents detail in Pandors FMS 4 ?


& how to change unit to show in Kbps or Mbps in data fields ?

Hi khawgyi,

Here is the documentation about managing users.
Anyway, I'd recommend you to update the Console, seems to be a bug about that.
You can get the nightly builds here.

About changing the unit to show, the result you get depends on the requests you are doing.
Even though there is a "post process" field to transform the data you get.
'Post process' field

In the module definition screen, in the advanced options, you can set this field to multiply or divide the received value by your value.
If you click on the help button you will find more information.

Hope this will be helpful for you

thanks for your help, I'm trying.

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