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Provide Agents/Alerts View
Provide a view similar to the Agents/Modules view that shows the agents and the alerts that are assigned to the agents (and their modules). Currently there does not seem to be a way to know if you have an alert assigned to each agent unless you go to each agent methodically and check. The Administrator >> Manage Alerts view shows you the alerts that have been assigned to agents, but you do not know if all agents are in that list. I understand a complicating factor is that the alerts apply to the modules of the agent. I was envisioning a view with rows showing the agents with indented rows under each agent for the module. The columns would then have the alert templates. The cell values would be like they are in the Agents/Modules view.

Grouping and/or filtering by Group would be a bonus.

This view is useful for Adminstrator and Operations, if combining all the above into one view.

Currently I am trying to use SQL queries to do this verification but it is not straightforward when dealing with html escaping (when alerts have spaces in their names).

Anybody else have the same challenge verifying alerts assigned to agents?
Hi pmcdaid,

I have added your suggestion to our roadmap and will be evaluated by our development lead.

Thanks for you feedback!

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