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New Icons - how to submit them?
Hi there, I'm new at pandora forum, so here is my first question:

I would like to create more icons for groups and OS lists, but where is the best place to discuss them and where to upload them?

Kind Regards
Maxim Krušina

Adding more icons is not a simple thing.

For OS icons, you need to add them into the following folders
    follow the same nomenclature and the same icon size as you will see in the existent icons.

    add here another icon, follow the same icon size for every new icon you add.

For groups icons, you need to add them into the folder
    as you will see, there are 5 icons for every group, depending on their status.

Anyway, it is possible you will find someplace where you miss your new icons, that's why there is a lot of places where they are used, depending the screen, the size, the status, the feature...
I'd recommend you to have a look to the code (maybe using firebux) in those places where you may miss your new icons, and detect where they should be placed.

As I told you, it's not a trivial thing and you may need to have a look to the code.


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