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Disk space monitoring - warn and critical at LESS than threshold
I'm trying to set up disk space monitors to go warn and critical when the free space goes LESS than a certain amount.

Right now, the data is returning as 29 (meaning 29% free).  I want it to warn when it gets to 20%, and critical at 5%, but I can't figure that out.

From what I can tell, the threshold min and max only work for the data returned being greater than those numbers. This seems like it should be a simple fix, but I've yet to figure it out.  Any ideas?
Hi Rian

your min and max values should be
warning min= 5.01    max = 20.0
critical min = 0      max=5

Thanks for the reply.  However, I must be setting something wrong.

I set up:

Warning: min=10.01    max=20.00
Critical: min=0    max=10.00

However, right now, it's returning 33 (33% of the disk is free), and it's critical.  (meaning at 33, it's higher than the max, and it's causing an error.

I want it to warn when it gets LESS than the 20%.  Is there a way to do that?

Thanks so much for your time
Hi rian

can you send us a screen capture of your configuration of the module? the values you entered are ok

Thank you so much for your help.  I may have just been impatient.  After configuring a few more agents, this started working as I expected. 

Thanks again.  I really appreciate it.

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