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[SOLVED] Setting warning value in module template
Hi, i've a little problem using module template....

I made some network module with all the settings that i want (critical, warning, Post process etc) than i create a new "module template" and i assign the modules that i create...
When i assign the new template to an agents pandora reset all my settings in many fields...

reset all the warnings settings
reset all the critical settings
reset all the Post process settings

i don't understand if pandora work like this or if it's my mistake, someone can me explain please?
I think template reset all the warning/alert module settings...
...anyway if you setup an agent with all your value under Massive Operations->Module operations you can copy all the modules and settings from that agent to a similar one.
Hi fonta,

Modules templates only creates new remote modules on agents. These templates don't modify any existing modules.

As you said you can use Massive Operations to change any module field.



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